A Geoglyphic Study of The Yonaguni Monolith, Japan
presented by
The Faram Research Foundation

The Phallics of Yonaguni


The Sculpture on the North end of the Yonaguni Geoglyph

Needless to say I was surprised when I first saw a phallic sculpture depicted, on a 10,000 year old monolith. The glyph is obviously a depiction of the Male and Female reproductive systems. After studying the artwork I came to the conclusion that the monolith, in addition to being a world class survey marker, must have also been used as a ceremonial location. It appears that the purple area and the green areas were carved out as corridors where one or two people could walk. If this was the case, and based on the layout of the carving, the following scenario is proposed.

A person, presumably a man, enters the maze between the granite balls (1), representing the Testicles, and enters the sunken triangular pool (2), representing the Prostate, and bathes. He then walks down the corridor symbolizing the Vas Deferens (3) and enters the Penis (4), walking past a representation of the female Clitoris (5). The Penis terminates at what looks like a ceremonial alter (6). At some time during the ritual another individual, presumably a woman, would enter the maze at position (8), presumably representing the entrance to the Fallopian Tube, travel down the tube to position (7) representing the exit from the Fallopian Tube and bath in the sunken bath. The individuals would then meet at the ceremonial alter (6). This would have simulated the complete cycle of conception.


One of the many phallic symbols on the island itself.

This may mean that this was a cerimomial site, similar to others discovered around the world, which also outline ancient territories. These territories may have been the area which these people claimed as their own. Monoliths, around the world, indicate that there was an organized effort to repopulate the earth after some great catastrophe. These ancient territories are mentioned in Plato's work, titled "Critias".

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